You’ve taken the next step towards optimizing your website, and we are so excited about it!

We need a few things from you to get started and want to fill you in on what to expect during the process.


We need ADMIN access to your website. Directions for each platform below.

Shopify – Please put your built-in Shopify domain in the form box above. It will look something like “www.my-biz.myshopify.com” If you are unsure, go to Shopify and login to your site. The URL that you see when you are logged in is what we need. We will request access from our main account so you don’t need to share your password.

WordPress – Please create an admin account for Alexander Design Co. Here’s a quick tutorial.

If you need help, let me know. We can screen share and walk you through it step by step.


We use (and eat) cookies (for breakfast) and similar technologies to run this website to help us understand how you use it and make your experience better (faster load times! holla!)