We recommend WordPress for your online shop.

WordPress is easily the most popular website building platform. It’s great for shops and blogging alike. It has the most flexibility of all the platforms. There are tons of tutorials, themes and plugins that can make creating your own shop easier or we can help you get set up with a WordPress store – contact us today!

Pros of using WordPress

  • WordPress is open source code and free for anyone to download and use. So is WooCommerce which is the most popular e-commerce plugin

  • There are no product limits

  • Tons of tutorials on Google and YouTube to help you set it up

  • Tons of premium (read: paid) themes, plugins and hosting options are available for WordPress since it’s so widely used

  • A lot of options for free plugins to give your store added functionality.

  • Complete flexibility in the design of your shop

  • Great blogging platform

  • 3rd party integrations are readily available

  • Has some free themes available

Cons of using WordPress

  • Harder to DIY for those who struggle with technology

  • Has no technical support

  • Must purchase premium themes, plugins and hosting separately before you use them. It can be a pretty hefty upfront cost to get your site setup and running smoothly.

  • Most likely need a designer to get a totally custom and unique design

  • Because there are so many options it can be tough to determine is a theme or plugin is good quality

  • You must install good security plugins to protect your site from spam and hackers

  • Requires regular updates and backups by site owner

Not sold on WordPress? Check out the other options for your online shop.

Still not sure?

The very best way to figure out what platform is best for you is by chatting with a designer who works with shop owners and knows the insides of each platform. Schedule a free call and we can chat about what you need for your shop!

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