We recommend Shopify for your online shop.

Shopify is a very powerful e-commerce platform for all types of shops and businesses. You can even use Shopify to sell your services and subscriptions with a few additional apps. We can help you get set up with a Shopify store – contact us today! 

Pros of using Shopify

  • All in one platform

  • Easy to set up products and shipping

  • You can pay for Shopify in monthly installments

  • Shopify has tiered pricing for different levels of service.

  • Unlimited number of products

  • Can also sell services

  • Has some free templates for getting started for a low cost

  • Has a lot of premium theme options and you can preview them before buying

  • Offers a free trial so you can set it up before you launch your store

  • Has a variety of ways for customers to pay including Shopify Pay.

  • You have the ability to pause or close your store at any time

  • Has tech support and great customer service

  • Big app store to include additional features and third party integrations

  • Updates are built in to Shopify

Cons of using Shopify

  • Additional features which are called apps cost more money

  • Not the best platform for heavy blogging and you additional apps to get some of the most basic blog options

  • It can be difficult to customize your theme beyond the basic settings

  • Additional customizations require a designer or developer who understands Liquid cofe

  • You will need another platform to host courses like Thinkific, Podia, or Member Vault.

Not sold on Shopify? Check out the other options for your online shop.

Still not sure?

The very best way to figure out what platform is best for you is by chatting with a designer who works with shop owners and knows the insides of each platform. Schedule a free call and we can chat about what you need for your shop!

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